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Product portfolio for Secufy, Mainz

SAFETY & SECURITY 4.0   Mobile and stationary smart-alarm-products. Modular and highly adaptable IoT ecosystem is easy to integrate into existing security systems, doesn’t require much maintenance and is highly cost-effective.



Smart SOS-System

PocketSOS makes calling for help as simple as pressing a button. Working with your mobile device, it will let your family and friends know that you’re in trouble without having to say a word.



Mobile Event Trigger

Triggering the multifunctional alarm button instantly sends real-time location and user data to an emergency response center.

freely customizable, quick & discreet, freely adjustable



Indoor positioning beacon with optional AES-encryption

Precise real-time navigation, using the iBeacon or Eddystone protocol, inside closed environments (e.g. buildings, factories).



Fog networking controller

The multifunktional IoT hub offers people and asset tracking for process optimization + intelligent alarm infrastructure management.

Flow Tracking, Infrastructure Management, Asset Tracking



Wearable IoT savior with integrated vitality sensor

Intelligent gait detection for medical analysis and automatic alarming when the user is unconscious or immobilized. The inshoerance sensor insole is the first wearable with motion sensing, cognitive alarming and real-time localization features. A non-invasive guardian angel at your feet.